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Omni Wellness NYC

Omni Wellness is a multi-disciplinary alternative medical center. Our mission is to offer holistic and comprehensive healing modalities to our community . We treat a wide range of health and medical challenges to meet the needs of our clients in an evolving health care system. 

Dr. Scott Andersen D.C.

Co-founder and owner of Omni Wellness, Scott Andersen is a highly skilled chiropractor who has been serving NYC and the surrounding communities for over 15 years.

With a Bachelors in Science Degree from the University of Massachusetts, emphasis in biomechanics, kinesiology and therapeutic exercise. As well as a Doctorate in Chiropractics, Dr, Andersen has established a solid foundation to diagnose a variety of muscular-skeletal conditions.

With his focus on keeping people pain-free through the theories of chiropractic and therapeutic massage his treatments are conducive to helping a multitude of different injuries that range from mild to severe. Serving as the basis for partnership with Momoko Uno L.Ac, in establishing Omni Wellness NYC.

Momoko Uno LAc., MSTOM, Dipl CH, BMed, MA

Omni Wellness was co-founded by Scott Andersen and Momoko Uno in 2009. We  are a multi- disciplinary alternative medical center with the mission to offer holistic and comprehensive healing modalities to our community. We treat a wide range of health and medical challenges to meet the needs of a our patients in an evolving health care system. 

Momoko Uno received her medical degree from Shanghai University of Chinese medicine, specializing in internal medicine in both western and eastern modalities. She also received a masters of Oriental medicine from Samra University and a MA in psychology with an emphasis in consciousness, health and healing from the University of Santa Monica. She has had over 20 years of clinical experience in holistic medicine and has held the position of department chair of clinical studies at Pacific College, in addition to teaching at various colleges.